Advice and support

These are essential values for OCF. We will support you through every stage of your design process.

Innovation and quality

Our philosophy: offering innovative solutions which will meet your demands, and even exceed them, along with a constant concern for quality.

OCF know-how

Our know-how, as a refrigerated display cabinet specialist, is based on our many years of expertise in showcasing your products at their very best.

“Driven by a passion for our industry, we will help you share your own passion. We will study the best way to enhance your creations, considering light, presentation, customisation
and adaptability to your business and environment.”

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We work in agile mode, our aim being to anticipate your needs and expectations. We work to a co-design approach with the users of our refrigerated display cabinets to fully understand future challenges. This demands flexibility and adaptability.


Sales agents, designers, joiners, cabinetmakers, painters, sheet-metal workers, electricians, aluminium fitters, refrigeration engineers, glazers, composite specialists, buyers and administrative staff all work in close collaboration with the management. This transversality enables our employees to achieve greater development and fulfilment, while also boosting productivity, creativity and responsiveness.


Our teams work autonomously; each person draws on their know-how and skills, with one goal in mind: the perfect execution of your order, within the agreed deadlines.

We use real-time production plan monitoring; this allows us to anticipate all the different needs related to your order.

Transparency and mutual trust between employees guarantee reliability and responsiveness.

Spécialiste vitrine réfrigérée - des équipes autonomes et réactives - OCF
Spécialiste vitrine réfrigérée - une histoire d'équipe - OCF


As with production, the creative process leading to product innovation is based on joint working methods. The ideas, decisions and design processes to be deployed are arrived at by discussions between departments, then finally agreed on at project group meetings.

At OCF, we are continuously progressing and improving. This allows us to challenge ourselves and to implement an increasingly well-adapted and effective process. This is what drives us forward at all levels, consolidating our positioning as a refrigerated display cabinet specialist across all sectors: pastry refrigerated display cabinets, catering display cabinets, baked goods display cabinets… and it also drives employee motivation. Our quest for perfection is something we work towards internally every single day.


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