Far more than a chilled cabinet, commercial challenges to be met and a success story to bring about…

We commit to making your project a success.

Proximity & advice

Every product has its own solution!

Listening to you, guiding you in the design of your project and advising you all through its roll-out is an essential part of making you happy for us. This is why our sales team are so keen to meet and talk to you, so that we can bring our experience to bear. Working closely with you will be crucial for a result that reflects your needs and suits your products.

Did you know?
Innovative lighting can equally well set off your creations or exaggerate their flaws. Not all our solutions are suitable for your creations and it’s not just a matter of technology. We are here to make your choices easier, in total transparency and with a responsive attitude, to help you sell your products through a sales experience that works brilliantly for your customers and employees alike.

Innovation & performance

Because your business environment is becoming more and more complex, your customers are increasingly demanding and your products need constant renewal to reflect trends, requirements and behaviours, we make innovation central to our approach. We continuously improve our solutions and introduce well-adapted, efficient processes, so that you benefit from the most effective, agile and qualitative solutions in the market. Renewing and surpassing ourselves to meet new challenges from means that we progress every day and our teams rise to new heights.

Top standards & Quality

The stakes at issue and the investment and energy involved in your project for creating or developing a sales outlet require us to provide solutions that fulfil your needs in every way. We work alongside you to offer you innovative solutions with a refined finish and long life, which meet your requirements and include meticulous care for quality. We anticipate changes in your business and the introduction of new constraints so that we can provide you with the best tools, thus arming you for your own development and challenges. 

Services ++

Like you, we share a passion for delicious, attractive products. And we put this underlying passion to work, helping you each day to convey all the pleasure you feel in creating your delicacies to your customers. We have been developing new, exclusive services for several years now, designed to make your daily work easier and help you focus on your passion:


Tutorials and guides
to facilitate the upkeep of your display cabinets.et des guides. 

OCF Serenity Connect
for the smart maintenance of your display cabinets.

Warranty extensions, remote monitoring and more.