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Once upon a time…

In 1919, just after the war, an artisan cabinetmaker, Eugène Boudaud, created a cabinetmaking workshop in Sigournais. In 1952, his son Etienne joined him and developed the first refrigerated cabinets: a revolution in the daily life of the French! In the 1960s and 80s, the workshops continued to grow and innovate in the field of chilled units for private individuals.

In 1984, the Boudaud brothers, Etienne and Bernard, decided to change direction, and began providing refrigerated products to professionals in the food sector under a new name: Ouest Construction Frigorifiques. From 1984 to 2007, OCF continued to grow and received several awards for the quality of its products and its ethics. In 2007, the company was bought by Guillaume Zanlorenzi. Originally from the clothing industry, Guillaume Zanlorenzi was looking for a new entrepreneurial venture on a human scale, and he found it in OCF. Its history, products and technical know-how based on cabinetmaking and “invisible cold” instantly appealed to this new CEO.

Because your project isn’t just about buying a display cabinet…

“Our ambition is just the same as on the day I arrived: to reinvent the customised chilled display cabinet so that its more subtle presence highlights your products and it becomes a lever for sales performance.” – Guillaume Zanlorenzi

Extended warranties…

Because your markets are becoming more complex, your customers get tired of products more quickly, your environments are changing and the world is moving faster and faster… and because you are doing all this with one aim: to live and prosper. We too need to renew ourselves, with a single goal in mind: to enhance your talents, make your food products desirable and help you in the work that impassions you.

L'histoire OCF, réinventer la vitrine sur mesure au service des produits et de la performance commerciale

Far more than a chilled display case manufacturer, we are your partner.

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