We are facilitators of your daily life and help to arouse a desire for good food.

Our job as a chilled display cabinet manufacturer is not to sell a catalogue of display cases, but to co-design tailor-made layout solutions with you that set off your creations, ensure an enjoyable experience for your customers, facilitate the daily work of your staff and give character to your premises. Each of our proposals is unique, just as every dream is unique.

Listening to Customers / Audits

First of all, we pinpoint your needs in a telephone conversation so that the sales rep for your area can come and meet you. During this first meeting, you tell us about the characteristics of your profession, your store project (renovation or creation), the location, the dates you are planning for the work and the opening, the people involved in the project, the budget and the type of units required. Where possible, we also take measurements of your premises and/or look at the architect’s plans if these have already been drawn up.

After a thorough analysis of your needs in terms of merchandising, technical constraints and aesthetics, we draw up a study of the project and present it to you.

Design office / 3D models

After our initial discussions about your project, a feasibility study is carried out with our integrated Design Office, so that we can validate all the technical aspects of your future store, and the budget. We can then produce a 3D view for you. Once the project is approved, we draw up all the unit plans in detail to ensure that they fit with your requirements. As soon as we receive your agreement, we launch production.

OCF, fabricant vitrine réfrigérée sur mesure et révélateur d'envies gourmandes

Bespoke integrated production

All the trades involved in making our cabinets are integrated into our Sigournais workshops: everything is carried out by our teams in the same place, from cutting and assembling the joinery and sheet metal parts, fixing the glazing and installing the cold system right through to the finishing touches and functional tests.
Each product is tailor-made to the customer’s requirements and precisely manufactured according to previously drawn up specifications approved by the customer.


Our small-scale production facilities mean that we master a high quality finish, where the degree of perfection also comes from the fact that each person in our workshop sees and touches the furniture with an expert eye and hand.

Our employees, all experts in their trades, seek the high standards of “well-made” products and are driven by a passion that enables them to guarantee the desired quality.

Preparation and installation

Our assembly teams seek to satisfy each of our customers in every way. They are the ones who bring the project to life at the premises of customers eager to see their purchase become a reality. Everything is thought out and orchestrated in advance, so that the unloading and installation process is fluid and our work does not hinder the other trades at work on the site.

The expertise of our fitters, who are qualified electricians and forklift operators, ensures that the work is carried out safely and is well coordinated. They are highly versatile in meeting your needs and dealing with any unforeseen events.

Far more than a chilled display unit
we are first and foremost
your partner.

Working alongside you at each stage in your project
From the design stage to the layout of your premises, we listen to you, advise you and can offer several options thanks to our experienced teams. We work together on building your project, but you always have the final word in any decision.

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