Enhancing your products, giving them greater visibility in a custom-made refrigerated display cabinet: this was the ambition behind our latest innovation.  We were able to achieve this thanks to our expertise in working with Krion synthetic resin, creating the 3-in-1 System display platform.

With the innovative 3-in-1 System, the quality of your presentations can truly shine, thanks to the absence of aesthetically unappealing grilles. A single-colour presentation surface, without visual interruption in terms of display. The air supply grille, the display platform and the air extraction grille are all produced from the same material.

Your creations are protected in an environment which meets hygiene standards thanks to the non-porous resin base, which resists stains and humidity, thereby repelling any build-up of mould and bacteria.

The 3-in-1 System guarantees aesthetic appeal and ergonomics, as well as cold quality. The use of Porcelanosa Solid Surface enables cold inertia by combining both ventilated cold and contact cold.

Resin is also a remarkably light material, making for convenient cleaning and maintenance thanks to the easy-to-lift platform. .

This option is available for OCF’s AERO, VISIO, VISTA and LINEO refrigerated display cabinets.

The system obtained an INPI patent in 2012.

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