How can you highlight your creations?  How can you give your products the prominence they deserve?

OCF is a French manufacturer of refrigerated display cabinets, based in Vendée since 1975. Since then we have worked tirelessly with our customers to continuously improve our display cabinets. Our number one objective is to offer your products the best setting to highlight their appearance and flavour. Your creativity inspires and guides us in the refrigerated display cabinets and innovative fit-out solutions we offer you, which will make your creations the centrepiece of your store. The latest innovation developed by our teams is the refrigerated and rechargeable service trolley designed for exceptional venues such as high-end tea rooms, luxury hotels and restaurants, as well as the refrigerated cold buffet bar, which will enhance the aesthetics of your top-end catering presentations.

We invite you to come and discover these two units alongside other innovations at the CREMAI catering show in Casablanca, Morocco. Our sales team will be delighted to meet you there.

The demands of your sectors mean it is important for us to be as close to you as possible, and our aim of expansion in the Maghreb and Africa region therefore led to us opening a sales office in 2015, managed by Pierre Jeddari – 00 212 6 62 81 533 00

OCF Head Office – RD 960 BIS LA BARBIERE – SIGOURNAIS – 85110 CHANTONNAY – France – Tel: + 33 2 51 48 55 00 –