The innovative Hygro+ system has been designed for pastry, meat and cheese refrigerated display cabinets.

Hygro+ protects your products by preventing them from drying out. Keeping your creations cold is our core business, but at OCF preserving their beauty and flavour is also central to our quest to bring new innovations to our refrigerated display cabinets. In 2013, our teams developed the Hygro+ system, designed to help conserve your presentations. The Hygro+ system generates humidity by ultrasound and can provide air with up to 80% humidity without creating water droplets or leaving food wet. This has been made possible by integrating a system of baffles, patented by OCF, eliminating any possibility of concentrated water projection.

Taking account of hygiene regulations, we have integrated a timer-based ozone generator, making it possible to eliminate any bacteria in the mechanism. With Hygro+, your presentations will no longer suffer changes in appearance and flavour.

This innovation is designed for pastry makers, butchers and cheesemongers who want to offer their creations maximum protection.

The innovative Hygro+ solution obtained an INPI patent in 2013.

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