Café de Paris (75) - Vitrine réfrigérée OCF

A chic and cosy terrace in the heart of Monte Carlo

For over 150 years, the Café de Paris Monte-Carlo, an exceptional brasserie in Monaco and a key attraction in the Principality, has been perpetuating a brasserie ambiance combined with top quality products.
Since 2016, chef Franck Lafon, who joined the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo at the age of 17 and took over management of the Côté Jardin restaurant in 1999, has directed the kitchens of Monaco’s flagship restaurant.

As well as recipes inspired by the “Paris brasserie” spirit, the chef produces his own gourmet dishes, all inspired by local produce like vegetables from the hinterland and sustainably fished catches.To set off its pastry creations, the Café de Paris Monte-Carlo wanted an exceptional display cabinet with a clean, refined finish. Franck Lafon’s delicacies are now appealingly highlighted in their new setting by OCF. The curvy, pure-lined display cabinet reveals all the finesse and delicacy of the chef’s pastries, to the joy of guests at this remarkably fine venue.
To find out more about this hot spot in Monaco and perhaps taste Franck Lafon’s creations, take a look at the website:

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